Internet of Things Hackathon hosted by Cisco and Monkeybars LLC
Internet of Things World Forum Hosted by Cisco

October 10 - 12
Chicago, Illinois
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About this Hackathon

The broad strokes.

The Technology At Hand

With coaching from the Cisco team, your use of these new tools
will set the precedent for their application and inspire others.

Connected Mobile eXperience

The Connected Mobile eXperience (CMX) is a suite of APIs that detect, connect, and engage with mobile devices operating in a WiFi field.

Data in Motion

Data in Motion (DMo) interacts with sensors to decide what data is of interest and what aspects of it to capture. DMo also has the ability to set rules and policies on edge devices, search the data in real-time and trigger subsequent context-aware actions.

Cisco IOx

Cisco IOx, a hybrid between Cisco’s networking OS and Linux, offers developers a way to create IoT applications such as data aggregation, control systems, and access control and have them run on edge network devices.

Cisco Instant Connect

Cisco Instant Connect is a flexible push-to-talk (PTT) communication solution for enterprise and carrier networks. CIC enables developers to create collaborative PTT applications that take advantage of Cisco IP Phones, Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones, and Android devices.

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Need to recruit a team? Want feedback from pros?
The Schedule will be your guide to the ins and outs of the hackathon.

Hackathon Activities

We know hackathons take their toll on the mind and body. Here are a few ways you can take it easy when it gets rough.


The Flock, a series of pieces conceptualized by mechanical artist Sebastian Morales, will transform 1871 into a wonderland of sorts for all those who love tech and art.

Sebastian's portfolio

Switch between parts of your brain to give yourself a break!


Relax and prepare for the long night ahead with a soothing massage. We’ll have masseuses available to ease out that tension from being too brilliant. You’re welcome.

24-hour feasting

OM NOM NOM. We’ll bring your belly happiness with great local food options and delicious beverages to keep you pumped and hydrated throughout the entire event.


The sweet, sweet prizes.

Judging & Criteria:

How well can you blend the available tools? Would someone actually use your creation? How well does your product work at the end of 24 hours? These are the big questions that will decide who will be awarded the top prizes. But don't sweat it, between a hack night and a mob of mentors, you'll have all the support you need to make something you're proud to put your name on.

Second Team



Third Team



Our Amazing Judges

Know who's judging you!

Carmen McDonald
UX/UI Designer
Zebra Technologies

Carmen works at Zebra as a UI/UX Designer working on several IoT projects. She also does design consulting, teaches media and design at the graduate level and does Swing and Line Dance.

Christina Pei
Co-Founder & Exec. Producer
Mini Maker Faire North

Christina Pei is the co-founder & executive producer of Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire, director of education outreach at the University of Chicago, and a lock picker extraordinaire.

Emile Cambry
Blue 1647

Emile Cambry, Jr. is a business professor, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur in Chicago. Life plan = loop { educate_many(); have_fun(); }

Jerry Rocco
Public Sector Liaison

Jerry is currently at Cisco and frequently invites CPS students to visit the Cisco office to connect over HD video to students and programs all over the US.

Simon Lemay
Technical Lead
Zebra Technologies

Simon Lemay is a French Canadian imported to the USA working with Zebra on IoT solutions. When he’s not snowboarding or playing rugby he’s making sure packets are small, efficient, and secure.


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